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Dominique Moody
November 25, 2009, 8:30 pm
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Dominique Moody – The Nomad Project, 2009

This next chapter in my life is based on an idea that has been more than twenty years in the making and it is called the “Nomad”, a Narrative, Odyssey, Manifesting, Artistic, Dreams. A concept intended to place me squarely on the map of my road to freedom, creatively, consciously and economically. As a mobile artist in residence, I will travel throughout the state and eventually the country and beyond. The “Nomad will function as my home, studio and work of art and my forty-fourth address. The “Nomad” was influenced architecturally by the vernacular houses shaped by the African-American experience. In this dwelling I will live and work with other creative individuals as collaborators along the journey. On the road we may encounter opportunities to create works that combine man made discards and natural elements into improvised land works.  I will also bring the classroom outdoors, sharing my life’s lessons. In keeping with this notion of collaboration, I’ve already set in motion a collaborative spirit which brought into being the installation at the California African-American Museum.

In this exhibition, the “Nomad” concept is edited down to its essential characteristics, which is the porch and a tandem set of wheels. Making them visible in order to understand its mobility however, the final “Nomad” will have a complete set of walls and wheels. Although the “Nomad is my vision, it took more than thirty people just to bring the installation into being. A diverse spectrum of individuals donated materials, labored and helped to finance the project. Each one became an integral component to the installation at the museum.   Graham Goddard a fellow artist who was inspired by the idea as well as a satellite image of California, painted my background in the installation.  In the process of working on the project I was introduced to the documentary called “Home”, a film directed by French film maker Yann Arthus- Bertrand, who offered the copyright free use of his film to inspire the world into action and agreed to the use in this exhibition. I felt a deeply rooted connection to this film and subject matter and therefore placed it in the Nomad in homage to the earth. Throughout this exhibition I will be present at certain times working on the Nomad, giving you an opportunity to see me work and to ask questions, creating an encounter filled with possibilities.

Consider a visit to the Skirball Cultural Center, for in that extension of the exhibit my drawings and model of the “Nomad”, as a work in process are featured there along with other visual voices. Once you’ve experienced both exhibitions you might want to consider participating yourself, by supporting this project. If so, please contact me through the museum and welcome to my home.

Image of "The Nomad Project" by Dominique Moody

Dominique Moody is a mixed media assemblage artist who has been a Los Angeles resident for the past twelve years.  She has exhibited and resided on both the east and west coast and has shown work nationally and internationally.  Among her many collectors are Joy Simmons, Camille Hanks-Cosby, Danny Glover, Lyn Kienholz and Euzhan Palcy.  Her work is in public and publications.  She has collaborated with many Los Angeles based artists and had her first solo exhibition at the Watts Towers Art Center.  Moody has a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa), from U.C. Berkeley in the Department of Art Practice.  She currently lives and maintains a studio at St. Elmo’s Village in Los Angeles.

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