An Idea Called Tomorrow

Curator’s Statement

An Idea Called Tomorrow

A collaboration between the California African American Museum and the Skirball Museum and Cultural Center

Curator:  Michele Elizabeth Lee, CAAM
With support from Skirball Associate Curator Erin Clancey

Creating a new society involves a synthesis of fresh ideas and perspectives that when placed into action work harmoniously to transform the inner and outer paradigm of our existence.  An Idea Called Tomorrow features the visionary works of fifteen artists who were simply asked to imagine and create what a civil and just future looks like for them. Personal lessons from history and how each artist is affected by the complex problems of today imprint the outcome of each work.  Collectively, their installations are a literal, metaphorical and symbolic template that suggest how we as a human race should proceed to create sustainability with \ all life on the planet, the earth itself as a living organism and the cosmos.

An Idea Called Tomorrow manifests as an insightful array of indoor and outdoor installations that were specifically designed for this exhibition and presented at both the Skirball Cultural Center and The California African American Museum (CAAM).

An Idea Called Tomorrow-1 showcased at CAAM features new works by Abdelali Dahrouch, Joyce Dallal, Charles Dickson, Graham Goddard, John Halaka, Betty Nobue Kano, Sonia Bas Sheva Manjon, Yong Soon Min, Dominique Moody, John Outterbridge and Ingrid Von Sydow.

An Idea Called Tomorrow-2 at the Skirball Cultural Center presents new works by Kim Abeles, Jane Castillo, Graham Goddard, Dominique Moody and the collaborative team of Kwahuumba and Seneferu.

It is the hope of the artists and both CAAM and the Skirball that An Idea Called Tomorrow inspires visitors to reflect upon the active role we must all play in bringing about a more just, equitable, and peaceful future.

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