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Joyce Dallal
November 25, 2009, 8:26 pm
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Joyce Dallal – Lift, 2009

Image of "Lift" by Joyce Dallal

The paper airplanes in Lift are made from photographs and prints of two international documents: The Geneva Conventions and the International Declaration of Human Rights. They are part of a continuing body of work in which the artist has been photographing texts that shape our world. Dallal started with articles in the printed media and then began to investigate UN resolutions, peace initiatives, and international treaties. The photographs are extreme close-ups of the texts, in some cases so close-up the lettering becomes abstract and unreadable. She has been fashioning these photographs and prints into larger pieces, some two-dimensional and some sculptural.  “I am struck by how these dry accumulations of words can be so powerful and also so ineffective. I find it poignant how we humans keep at it even when things don’t work or nobody truly listens. We still keep trying, amending; making new proposals…in the hope that one day there will be peace.”  Joyce Dallal

Detail of work by Joyce Dallal

Joyce Dallal is an artist who has worked in a variety of media, from hand-made books and collage to photography, video, installation, and public art. The themes that surface repeatedly in her artwork are those of collective and personal history, community, memory, and the evolution of contemporary cultural identity. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is the recipient of several grants and fellowships, among them a National Endowment for the Arts Regional Arts Fellowship in Photography, a Brody Arts Fellowship, and a City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship, and she has completed two public art projects for the Los Angeles Public Libraries. She received her Masters in Fine Art from USC and is a professor at El Camino College in Southern California.

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